All of BRDGES Academy’s continuing education courses are virtual – either live or pre-recorded. Across the globe, conflict resolution practitioners wanting to better understand how cultural differences impact conflict resolution are accessing our courses to improve their intercultural skills and to add credentials to their practice. View our pre-recorded video courses below.

Video Courses

Trauma-Informed Mediation

Violence against women (and children) reprehensibly continues as a world dilemma.
As a mediator or conflict resolution practitioner, one must have a basic and clear understanding of how violence embeds in a human being’s psyche as trauma. Understanding how that trauma must be dealt with prior to having any capacity to mediate or learn about conflict resolution is critical. This introductory course will discuss that process and whether women who have suffered the trauma of violence and abuse can capably mediate.

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Technology for Advocates

The initial goal of this course is to provide each participant with a direct, hands-on experience utilizing Zoom. There will be opportunities for each course participant to examine a witness online, including using an exhibit during the examination. Each course participant will present brief oral argument to the Instructor and other course participants. Course participants will be assessed on their questions and participation in the general session and on the hands-on segment. The course will only be offered by video conference, will be limited to 10 course participants for each course:
Depending on demand, the course will be offered multiple times thereafter.

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The Magic of Mediation: From Revenge to Apology, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

In this two-hour video course by Dr. Ken Cloke, you will recognize that every conflict, no matter how trivial, points us toward a crossroads in our lives. One road leads toward anger, fear, confrontation, bitterness, and revenge, and draws us into quarrels over the past. A second leads us toward empathy, acceptance, honesty, collaboration, and mutual respect; it draws us into negotiations over the future. Yet there is a still deeper third road that is largely hidden from view, which invites us into insight, discovery, wisdom, affection, and heartfelt communications; it draws us into awareness of the present. It encourages us to apologize; reach forgiveness; seek release, renewal, and reconciliation. It allows us to sustain openhearted relationships. It wakes us up, makes us more mindful of ourselves and others. It nurtures us. This is the path of transformation and transcendence, of wisdom and heart. While revenge is complex, apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation are simple, yet powerful transformative tools, and doorways to inner and outer peace. They can be gigantic, or nearly unnoticeable, and can be integrated into every kind of mediation practice. They can free us from the past and allow us to reach closure, to let go of whatever has kept us trapped in conflict, and move in healthier, more positive directions, toward deeper levels of resolution and relationship.

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