The International Mediation Institute (“IMI”) Mediator Certification

About this certificate:

IMI is a world-recognized not-for-profit public interest initiative to drive transparency and high competency standards in mediation practice across fields, worldwide. The International Mediation Institute (“IMI”)  is the only organization in the world to transcend local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for experienced mediators, advocates and others involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation processes. It competes with no one because it provides no billable services. BRDGES strongly supports IMI’s philosophy and purpose. Learn more about IMI.

Mediators around the world are beginning to understand the value of becoming an IMI Certified Mediator. Find out how to become IMI certified.

In some instances, by taking and completing BRDGES Academy’s Intercultural Certificate Program, you can become an IMI Certified Mediator. In other instances, you need not take the BRDGES Intercultural Certification program. Once you have been certified generally for IMI by BRDGES, you are well on your way to getting the IMI Inter-Cultural Certification through BRDGES as well. BRDGES Academy’s Intercultural Certification program as a qualifying program for IMI’s Inter-Cultural Certification is pending and anticipated to be granted shortly.


1. Experience
For this first substantial level of EXPERIENCE requirement, you have two alternatives:

A. Either show that you have mediated 20 cases in the last three (3) years. You show this by sending us completed Feedback Forms for 15 of those cases which we will then synthesize and prepare for IMI review.
We provide the IMI Feedback Forms to you or the form can easily be downloaded at


B. That you have 200 provable active mediation hours in the last (3) three years.

2. General Training
For this TRAINING Requirement to demonstrate that you have a strong understanding of Mediation theory, you have TWO Alternatives:


A. Possess an Active Mediation Certificate

i. Either possess an valid Mediation Certificate from a state or governmental entity;
ii. Give us a copy of your listing or inclusion in a roster from a Minister of Justice or other recognized state or jurisdictional certifying institution.


B. Show proof of advanced mediation training or 20 (TWENTY) hours. If you don’t have these hours, you can enroll in BRDGES Inter-cultural Certificate Program or CME/CPD courses


C. Write a Self-Statement explaining your understanding of either a mediation theory you use in your mediation practice and your mediation philosophy.


A. Show Proof of 40 hours of Basic Mediation Training.


B. Show proof of Continuing Mediation Education (“CME”) or Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) or Advanced Mediation Training: (If you don’t have these hours, you can enroll in BRDGES Certificate Program modules or CME/CPD courses)

i. Of 16 (sixteen) hours of CME/CPD Mediation Training for every two years from receipt of Basic Mediation training
ii. Of 20 (twenty) hours of additional advanced mediation training over basic training.


C. Write a Self-Statement explaining your understanding of either a mediation theory you use in your mediation practice and your mediation philosophy.

3. Professional Letters of Reference
You’ll be asked to submit two (2) Professional Letters of Reference.
4. Mediation Skills
After you have met the three requirements above, you’ll be asked to engage in a Mediation Role-play acting as the mediator. Your mediation will be evaluated by a BRDGES Assessor(s).


Who can take these courses?

Any person who is currently a mediator, or who wants to become more effective in resolving conflicts or disputes and in building peaceful resolutions.  Also includes all mediation advocates (attorneys, judges, paralegals and others involved in the mediation process).

How much does this certification cost?

The Cost is $799.00. For group discounts, contact us here.

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