Intercultural IMI Certificate

BRDGES Academy is now is one of only four organizations in the world certified by the International Mediation Association (“IMI”) to qualify applicants for its prestigious IMI Inter-cultural Certification!

IMI is a world-recognized not-for-profit public interest initiative to drive transparency and high competency standards in mediation practice across fields, worldwide. The International Mediation Institute (“IMI”)  is the only organization in the world to transcend local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for experienced mediators, advocates and others involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation processes. It competes with no one because it provides no billable services. BRDGES strongly supports IMI’s philosophy and purpose. Learn more about IMI on

Mediators around the world are beginning to understand the value of becoming an IMI Certified Mediator.

Once you have been certified generally for IMI by BRDGES Academy, you also are well on your way to getting the IMI Inter-Cultural Certification through BRDGES Academy.

How Do You Qualify for this Intercultural Certificate?

BRDGES uses a performance-based assessment method to assess your qualification for the IMI Intercultural Certificate. This process is called the Inter-cultural Qualifying Assessment Process or ICQAP;

First Stage:

  1. You must be a mediator certified by the IMI;
  2. You must have completed 20 hours of training in aspects of intercultural mediation and receive a certificate of completion from a pre-approved training provider or by submitting curricula descriptions from the courses;
    BRDGES courses qualifying for the 20 hours of inter-cultural training are:

    • Cultural Dimensions in Multi-Cultured Mediations (4 credit hours);
    • Intercultural Communications (4 credit hours);
    • Emotional Intelligence OR Cultural Intelligence (each 4 credit hours);
    • [P]reflections – Preparing for and Managing the Inter-cultural Mediation
    • An additional elective course of four (4) credit hours
  3. Complete an on-line, recorded, simulated international mediation which will include:
    1. Preparation by the Applicant of a written mediation strategy on how to manage the inter-cultural mediation process;
    2. Assessment of the mediation simulation by two approved Assessors

Second Stage:

  1. Receive and review written mediator performance assessments by the Parties to the mediation – similar to those of the Assessors, but from the party’s perspective;
  2. Complete an Oral Interview and Evaluation and receive positive evaluations by the Assessors.


Each candidate once an application to proceed is received will have a maximum of 18 months within which to complete the ICQAP process.



ICQAP applicants who complete the required 20 credit hours of inter-cultural mediation training with BRDGES Academy will receive a discount of 60% (a savings of $779.40!) for the Inter-Cultural application process for a reduced cost of only $519.60.

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