BRDGES Academy is the first e-learning academic platform of its kind in the globalization of education and discourse for mediators, conflict resolution practitioners, and peace-builders.

We offer global approaches to learning advanced competencies essential for effective inter and intra-cultural mediation and conflict resolution practices. BRDGES’ certifications & courses are online and offered in real-time with participants and faculty from around the world, interacting on-screen and sharing their cultural insights. We designed our process to provide busy professionals a venue in the comfort of their own office or home to receive effective, innovative training. To be skilled and knowledgeable in today’s modern mediation practices, one must have cultural acumen. BRDGES provides the training to meet today’s global intercultural dispute demands.


Our Certifications

BRDGES Intercultural Certificate

BRDGES Academy is an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program (“QAP”), one of only 30 worldwide. We will assess and qualify you for Certification with the International Mediation Institute (“IMI”) so that you can be listed on the global listing of IMI Certified Mediators. IMI also has an Intercultural Certification for specially-qualified experienced mediators. All of the BRDGES Intercultural Certification modules (also offered as CME/CPD courses) are designed to obtain not only your General IMI Certification but also to qualify you for IMI’s prestigious Intercultural Certification.

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The International Mediation Institute ("IMI") Mediator and Mediator (With Inter-cultural Competency) Certifications

IMI is a world-recognized not for profit public interest initiative to drive transparency and high competency standards in the mediation practice across fields, worldwide. BRDGES is approved as both a general and Inter-cultural Qualifying Assessment Program (“QAP”) and (“IC-QAP”) for IMI Certification. By taking and completing BRDGES QAP and Inter-Cultural QAP you can therefore be qualified for IMI Mediator Certification and at the same time the IMI Inter-Cultural Certification. BRDGES offers five modules in order to be assessed for the IMI Inter-Cultural Certification. Four of the five modules can be taken as CME/CPD courses (see below). The fifth certification module is a mediation simulation which must be taken online and is assessed by BRDGES and IMI independent assessors. Learn More

Our Courses

Continuing Mediation Education ("CME") or Continuing Professional Development ("CPD") Courses

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Developing Compassion in Conflicts

with Michelle Brenner

Emotional Intelligence: A Critical Quality for Mediators

with Kathy Komaroff Goodman & Christine Straw

Ethics for all Mediators

with Lynn H. Cole

Mediation Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

with Prabha Sankaranarayan and Mary Jo Harwood

MBB-Logo_blue_Tagline1To stand by our mission, we donate a percentage of all proceeds to Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBB), an international 5013(c) not for profit organization. Visit the MBB Website

Upcoming Sessions


Drawing on firsthand experience and sound research, our faculty emphasize rigorous, academic research combined with relevant best practices for mediators and other mediation advocates.

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For some of you this may be a new and unfamiliar process. We are here to assure you that you will find the experience pleasant and straightforward. All that is needed is a computer with Internet connection, a mobile device that can download the Adobe Connect Mobile application, a headset, and a web camera. This is a secure state of the art e-learning platform. Contact us so that we can personally help you get connected and we can be sure that you’re able to properly connect come the first day of class!

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