Do you have Group Discounts?

Yes, we do. If you have a group of over 7 then we can give you a group discount for multiple classes.

Do you have scholarships or discounts?

Yes. To request a discount, contact lhc@BRDGESAcademy.com.
We have special instructions to register for a discounted course. If a discount or a scholarship is granted, you will receive instructions on how to register using the discount or scholarship amounts.

What do I need to connect to the virtual classroom?

Connecting to the virtual classroom is easy! Here is a checklist of what you will need:

  • Working computer (desktop or laptop) with Windows or Mac OSX
  • A stable broadband internet connection (4G also works if you are on the go!)
  • A headset with microphone. IF you are using a laptop, odds are there is a microphone built into your webcam located above your screen. While this will suffice, often times audio input through these microphones can be a bit off i.e. sounds like you are in a fish bowl. Headphones are also recommended for optimal audio output.
  • We use the Zoom Video Conferencing Platform which you can download by clicking here

Please note that if you are unable to watch YouTube videos at 480p resolution, your internet connection may not be stable or fast enough to support this classroom environment. We recommend a high-speed broadband connection with about a 6MBPS minimum service.

Do I need to download anything?

No. Just remember to download your Zoom invitation. If you are joining the classroom from a country with a slower internet connection, let us know and we will give you a call-in number to use

I want to be sure this is going to work, will you help me?

YES! Contact us and we will do our best to help you with any issues you are experiencing and get a test run set up with you just to be safe.

How do I participate live when I am not in Americas time zone?

For your convenience, we have programmed the events calendar to display class times for your individual time zone! Simply check the calendar by clicking here to see when each class begins in your local time zone.

How long is one credit hour?

One credit hour equals 50 minutes. Therefore, if a session has 4 credit-hours, the actual course time will be 200 minutes. Faculty may choose to take a break in between or give you some time to work on an assignment, which is why we usually state full hours for each session.

What language is used?

Courses are taught in English when you connect to the classroom. However, we have implemented a translation service on our website that should auto change specifically to the language you normally use in your browser.

What happens if my computer freezes?

If your computer freezes or the internet is interrupted and you can no longer take part in the session, restart it and then re-join the session. If you have difficulties re-connecting, contact us immediately at jpxw@brdgesacademy.com. We always have someone on stand-by during our sessions to help you with technical issues. Also, if required, we can send you an international call in number to attend the class via phone call.

Is there an opportunity to contact the other participants in the class after the course is over?

Absolutely. We encourage participants to stay in contact, thereby extending their networks. We will provide all participants with the course syllabus a few days before the course starts, this will include the contact addresses of those participants who give us permission to share them with the class.