Redesigning the Way We Work: A Post-Pandemic Guide

What are the most important lessons we can learn about the way we work from after the pandemic? What has changed, both for better and for worse?  What needs to change, but hasn’t?  How can mediators help turn workplace conflicts in a collaborative direction?  How can we build better work lives? What skills do we need to redesign the way we work? Every workplace generates chronic conflicts, yet few organizations have rethought or redesigned the way they work; or used conflict resolution systems design techniques to transform the sources of chronic conflict at work; or examined their “conflict cultures” to discover how disputes are being generated and prevent their reoccurrence.  Fewer still have conducted “conflict audits”: these reveal where these streams of conflict originate, or designed complex, multi-layered, multi-dimensional, integrated systems to strengthen their capacity for conflict prevention, resolution, and transformation at work. 

Using use conflict resolution systems design techniques to prevent, resolve and transform workplace and organizational conflicts, this course will provide a post-pandemic framework for rethinking the way we work and using conflict resolution systems design principles to construct more collaborative and democratic organizations and institutions.  The course will identify new skills required in leadership, teamwork, feedback and evaluation, and other collaborative processes.  It will identify theories and techniques to help participants shape a context of values, ethics and integrity. It also will examine building innovative self-managing teams; implementing streamlined, open, collaborative processes; creating complex self-correcting systems; integrating strategically; and, changing the way we change.

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Kenneth Cloke
Kenneth Cloke

This live and in-real-time course presents a unique opportunity to interact with Ken Cloke, often described as one of the original world pioneers of mediation. He is one of two founders of Mediators Beyond Borders, International and served as its first President and Chair of the Board. As Director of the Center for Dispute Resolution, Mr. Cloke has served as a mediator, arbitrator, attorney, coach, consultant, and trainer. He specializes in resolving complex multi-party conflicts which include: community, grievance and workplace disputes, collective bargaining, negotiations, organizational and school conflicts, sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits, and public policy disputes. He also provides services in designing conflict resolution systems for organizations. Mr. Cloke is a nationally recognized speaker and best-selling author of many books and journal articles on mediation.

Completion of this course earns three (3) credit hours of  interactive, virtual classroom time.

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