Preflection: The Invaluable Benefits of Preparation

This online, experiential, real-time, course focuses on the benefits of preparation to both the parties and the professional leading the negotiation, facilitation, mediation, human resource or legal meetings, dialogue, coaching or counseling conflict-resolution sessions. Through the use of interactive exercises, workshop participants will practice and reflect on how to prepare parties and themselves to achieve improved outcomes.

This experiential course will demonstrate how effective preparation can lay the foundation for more powerfully meaningful intervention. Workshop participants will learn why global practitioners’ experience demonstrates that 80% of the work in successful conflict resolution happens before participants even walk into their first meeting together. Workshop participants will learn how to assist multi-cultured parties to clarify their purpose, to reflect on what is most important to them and, how they can bring themselves constructively into the room.

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Anyone who is currently a mediator or wants to help others transform their relationships and resolve conflicts more successfully. This course will also be valuable for attorneys, judges, paralegals and others involved in the mediation process.

Claudia Caluori
Claudia Caluori

Claudia Caluori is qualified lawyer and mediator who is IMI certified. She has practiced law at the international level since 2010, focusing on international business development and trade. She has assisted companies in Europe and the Middle East in forming partnerships. From Lebanon, she currently lives in Italy and dedicated to the management and resolution of conflicts. She was trained as a mediator in Italy, France, and Lebanon. She has served as a mediator in over 500 hearings involving either Business to Business (“B2B”), Business to Consumers (“B2C”)and telecommunication disputes. She is also a Rotary Peace Fellow Alumna of the Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand (class 27, 2019). Claudia is fluent in three languages, Italian, English, and French.

Completion of this course earns four (4) credit hours of  interactive, virtual classroom time.

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