Intercultural Communications

Mediators and conflict-resolution practitioners need the ability to adjust their communications style to the preferred styles of participants from other cultures. The introductory course will give participants a preliminary understanding of intercultural issues as background and context. The course also will touch upon the variables of communications expressed because of cultural differences in ideas, attitudes and behaviors. The overall goal of this introductory course is to assist in communicating optimally with each other and to establish general processes to facilitate optimal communications through active, experiential learning.

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Who can take this course?

Any person who is currently a mediator, or who wants to become more effective in resolving conflicts or disputes and in building peaceful resolutions.  Also includes all mediation advocates (attorneys, judges, paralegals and others involved in the mediation process).

Lynn H. Cole, Esq.
Lynn H. Cole, Esq.

Recent Chair of the Board and President of Mediators Beyond Borders; Mediation Specialist in Bulgaria, Jordan, Kosovo and Sri Lanka; international trainer.

Ashok Panikkar
Ashok Panikkar

Redefining Dialogue and Mediation through the use of Critical Thinking, Creativity and Humor. Meta-Culture

Completion of this course earns (4) credit hours of interactive, virtual classroom time.

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