How Religion Informs Conflict Resolution

Religions have presented many challenges to the world but they have also offered positive guidance on life and society.  All religions have had some form of the Golden Rule as well as non-dogmatic principles related to peace and harmony.  This course will first look at the peaceful principles of each religion, and then consider the principles shared by all religions.  These common set of principles can help peace professionals work cross culturally and internationally.

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Part 3 – TBD: 1 additional hour class participants will engage in out-of-class group discussions lead by faculty at meeting times decided by each group.

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Anyone who is currently a mediator or wants to help others transform their relationships and resolve conflicts more successfully. This course will also be valuable for attorneys, judges, paralegals and others involved in the mediation process.

Trip Barthel
Trip Barthel

Trip Barthel has his M.A. in Conflict Resolution and has been teaching and practicing mediation and facilitation around the world since 1997 and working full time in China, Indi and southeast Asia for the past seven years.

Completion of this course earns five (5) credit hours of  interactive, virtual classroom time.

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