Emotional Intelligence: A Critical Quality for Mediators

Self-awareness, self-reflection and self-regulation, particularly in intercultural contexts, are critical to the effectiveness of mediators and more generally those involved in conflict resolution processes. In this class we will explore these skills in the mediation context through the lens of emotional intelligence and the automatic nature of our thought processes and behaviors to support a fair, orderly as well as successful meeting environment. Class participants will be assessed on their understanding and learning of emotional intelligence and automatic processes and their implications for the mediator.

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Kathy Komaroff Goodman
Kathy Komaroff Goodman

Kathy is a founding Principal at ACCORD, a collaborative of conflict management and resolution specialists serving individuals and businesses. http://www.accordconflictresolution.com

Christine Straw
Christine Straw

Christine Straw is a community mediator and facilitator with interests in the dynamics that keep conflicts stuck and the shifts needed to move toward sustainable and satisfying solutions for all parties.

Completion of this course earns four (4) credit hours of interactive, virtual classroom time.

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