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BRDGES Academy’s Mediation Certification Program

This fall, BRDGES Academy presents its long-awaited, virtual Mediation Certification Program. This course will prepare you to be a mediator. In line with its mission to enhance intercultural skills for mediators and conflict resolvers of all types, this profession certification program is global and intercultural in its focus. In a shrinking world, international and intercultural connections and contacts are increasing exponentially. But we have found in our BRDGES’ practice that one keeps his or her inculcated values and perspectives in all aspects of life, especially in disputes where emotions and values and societal trainings can control.

Online mediation course

Like most such certifications offered, BRDGES’ certification is a 40 hour course. It is taught in two 2.5 hour modules for a total of five hours (one module) a week for 8 weeks. For those seeking certification by the Florida Supreme Court, an additional 5 hours of role-play will be offered. (The Florida Supreme Court also requires attendance and observation of mediations.)

Like most basic mediation certification programs, this program interactively emphasizes key principles and skills for new mediators. Unique to the BRDGES certification, our modules are interactively taught from multi-cultured perspectives with participants from around the world and by faculty with intercultural expertise. Our virtual classroom has both faculty and students contributing their own cultural insights in academic subjects.

Importantly, BRDGES also offers each participant access to simulations and role-plays specially selected to meet the individual’s career needs. In order to complete the certificate program, one may be able to select the type of simulation to be conducted in mid-term and final examination by selecting from one of three areas: commercial, family or community.

We are so very excited about this professional certification. In advance of each 5-hour module, you’ll receive course module objectives, homework assignments, and, role-play assignments. Each certificate participant will be given written overall certificate requirements, attendance policies and methods to get your questions answered. Our mission is to provide this certification program worldwide in a virtual environment which challenges the candidate academically, interactively and practically in inexpensive and easy to take virtual environment.

Mediation certificate

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